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Commercial Photovoltaic

Commercial Photovoltaic

CEI NI LTD offer Solar solutions for business that provide an excellent return on investment while helping the environment and promoting clean energy. Whatever the nature of your business, you can count on CEI NI Ltd Solar Energy Solutions for high performance, quality and reliability.

Purchasing and installing a system is easy, and ongoing support services ensure your solar electric system operates in a simple and low-risk manner. CEI NI Ltd line of solar electric systems has been designed to maximize energy generation and to integrate seamlessly with your ongoing power requirements..

CEI NI Solar MaintenanceWe have systems for flat and sloped roof and for large open areas. We also offer solar electric systems that add solar power to the functionality of conventional building elements like parking areas and walkways.

Unique system support products such as our “Solar Management System” ensure that you can track your system simply, remotely, and without risk.

All of our solar electric systems are available with our public display media package, you can easily showcase your investment to employees and the public professionally and efficiently.

CEI NI Ltd ensures that buying solar will be easy and hassle-free – from initial contact to the operation of your system. Services include feasibility assessment, turnkey system delivery, communications support, system operation and maintenance.

Contact us for further details and we will respond with relevant details to your specific query.