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Heat Pump Grants Northern Ireland

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The Northern Ireland domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is a government backed scheme to encourage people to switch to renewable heating systems and reduce carbon emissions. If you join and meet the requirements you’ll get an upfront sum and a payment every month for the following seven years. See below.

Heat Pump Installers Northern IrelandWhat are the benefits?

As well as cutting your home’s carbon footprint, installing an RHI-eligible technology will bring you all the usual economic benefits of a renewable heating system – and more. Not only will it reduce your reliance on costly on- or off-grid fossil fuels, it will also provide you with a grant and x12 monthly payments for the next seven years (tariffs will adjust in line with inflation).

Can I apply?

EPC - Energy Performance CertificateThe scheme is for heating systems for single homes. You need a domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to prove that the property is assessed as a ‘domestic dwelling’. If you can’t get an EPC you won’t be able to apply for the scheme. Contact us to obtain an EPC or for more information on EPC’s click on this link Energy Performance Certificates

Who Can Apply?

You can apply if you own the home you live in or if you are a private and registered social landlord or a self-builder. Otherwise you could consider the non-domestic RHI scheme for renewable heating systems in industrial, commercial or public premises. It also covers systems heating more than one home, such as a block of flats. The application process and requirements are different. Contact us for more information or click on this link non-domestic RHI scheme.

Domestic RHI payments

Domestic RHI payments have two elements, an upfront payment paid when you are accepted into the scheme and an ongoing incentive payment paid annually. The upfront payment is a set amount based on your technology and the ongoing payment varies depending on the heat requirements/use in your property.

Upfront payments

Type of heating Payment
Ground source heat pump £3,500
Biomass £2,500
Air source heat pump £1,700
Solar thermal £  320

If you have already received support under the RHPP you will receive the ongoing payment only.

Ongoing payments

The ongoing payments are calculated multiplying a tariff with the heat demand/use in your home.

The current tariff rates in pence per kilo watt hour (p/kWh) are as follows:

Type of heating Tariff
Ground source heat pump 8.2p/kWh
Biomass 5.6p/kWh
Air source heat pump 3.5p/kWh
Solar thermal 13.5p/kWh

(These will be reviewed annually according to the Retail Price Index)