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Wind Energy Solutions


We believe that wind energy solutions can and should be applied in virtually any situation. As long as there is sufficient wind and a need for a reliable and renewable source of electricity, CEI together with Tozzi Nord have a wind energy solution that works for you.

Our aim is to help you make use of a renewable source of energy so that the environment and our future generations will benefit as well. In other words: TURNING WIND INTO PROFIT.

Tozzi Nord manufactures of grid-connected and hybrid (off-grid) wind turbines.

CEI using Tozzi Nord wind torbines deliver tailor-made solutions for the domestic and commercial market. Many of our customers are agricultural Businesses and private home-owners that use our wind turbines to generate electricity for their own use to reduce their electricity bills and sell any excess electricity to the grid. Some Tozzi Nord applications:

  • Farmhouses / homes
  • Urban apartment buildings
  • Schools / office buildings
  • Resort hotels
  • Agricultural businesses
  • Poultry/Cattle/Dairy farms
  • Remote island

Turn-Key Wind Energy Solutions

CEI NI Ltd have engineering services and consultancy that can carry out a turn-key installation, from import, delivery, installation and commissioning. Our support does not stop there. CEI NI Ltd can offer a full service contract that ensures a long and correct operation of the wind turbine.

Contact CEI today for further information in relation to the Tozzi Nord Wind Turbine Systems, and find out how we can reduce your commercial energy bill. We look forward to talking to you.